Early Childhood

PK3 – First Grade

Early Childhood education provides our youngest students with learning experience that takes place in an environment that is safe, secure, and nurturing.  Teachers collaborate with parents to ensure that students are successful and happy as students of Queen of Peace Catholic School.

The curriculum involves extensive hands on experiences that are developmentally appropriate.  The focus on academic acquisition and progress is equal to the focus on social skills growth.  Students build skills both academically and socially through classroom circle time, center activities, on the playground, and during academic instruction.  The teachers assess what each student can do and set goals for the individual student as well as the class.  A dedicated free play time is built into the PreK schedule which helps in building the skills of sharing and playing or interacting with peers.  Following directions and working as a class, rather than individually are also focus points in early childhood classes.  Ancillary classes are part of the instructional day and students truly enjoy attending physical education, art, and music classes.

Religion is taught daily, and children attend mass weekly.  Catholic Identity and Catholic values are embedded throughout the day into each content area and are an integral part of the day for each student at Queen of Peace Catholic School.