Second to Fifth Grade

Queen of Peace Catholic School elementary students receive a strong foundation in the core content areas of reading, English, math, science, social studies and religion.  The teachers assess student progress and mastery levels and differentiate instruction to meet the varied and specific needs of their students.  Academic instruction takes place in whole group, small group, and individually.  Stations focused on the objectives and skills for the specific unit or skills covered in core content areas allow for targeted instruction as well as focused work with the teacher.  Ancillary teachers extend the students academic experience and frequently integrate core content material which offers students a cross-curricular experience.

Catholic values and Catholic Identity are integrated across all curriculum areas and students begin using the skills and values in their every day interactions.  Responsibility and independence are a focus during the elementary years in preparation for middle school.  Study skills are presented at age and developmentally appropriate times.  Students begin using the school provided planner and develop the organizational skills necessary for success.